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Why Argon oil should be in your skincare?

Argon trees are almost exclusively grown in southwest Morocco, and argon oil is derived from them. Traditionally, Moroccans applied argon oil topically to treat everything from eczema to wrinkles and hair loss. Argon oil can be found in two forms. First, derived from roasted argon kernels that can be eaten and second, derived from unroasted argon kernels that are meant for cosmetic purposes. They’re packed with monosaturated fatty acids and antioxidants, and contains more Vitamin E than Olive oil.     Hydrates Skin The most obvious benefit is that it makes the skin soft. The composition of fatty acids and Vitamin E gives it moisturizing properties. This vitamin also has immense antioxidant properties. A 2015 study shows that argon oil...

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Bakuchiol: The Natural alternative to fight Anti-aging

Many skincare products claim that they can help you turn back time and erase wrinkles. But if you’re into skincare, you know that Retinol is the only clinically proven ingredient that has proven to smooth out skin. Retinol is truly miraculous. Yet, it can irritate skin and isn’t safe for pregnant or breastfeeding moms. They also contain fillers and preservatives so they’re a no go for people who prefer plant based products.       Retinol is known to be the go-to product for anti-aging and everyone raves about it. Can something natural be just as good? Is Bakuchiol worth the hype? Found in the seeds and leaves of the Psoralea Corylifolia plant found in Eastern Asia, Bakuchiol is 100%...

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Is hormone imbalance showing up like this?

I can guarantee that at least once in your life, you’ve suspected that hormones were interfering with your day-to-day life. Hormones were always a mystery to me, and being aware that they are the chemical messengers largely responsible for our well-being. Estrogen levels in a woman’s body can really affect her emotional wellbeing. Playing a major part in anxiety and depression. Vice versa, stress affects hormones. No one actually educates you about it. From birth control to our menstrual cycles, women are prone to hormonal imbalance. And figuring that out might just save you some mental stress. So here are some things you need to know about the connection between anxiety and other factors.   Anxiety and hormonal imbalance are...

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5 ways to easily upgrade you skincare routine for Summer

Summer is known to be the time to kick back and relax. Soak up the sun, mini-dresses and fruity cocktails. Definitely make the most of Summer but don’t lay back on your skincare routine. You know, especially the sun being in full effect. You want that sun-kissed skin while protecting it from aggravating air con and oil build-up. Here are easy and effective tips to adapt your skincare routine.   Protect with Sunscreen It took me a while to come around to this one but I’ve finally got it down. Every time I watch a YouTube video with a celebrity or beauty blogger, and they’ll say they swear by sunscreen. Let’s just do it. Make it a habit because you...

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How you can easily add superfoods in your daily diet

The obsession with superfoods in cafes and beauty products has taken over. Everyone is adding colorful ingredients that are magical for your skin and health. As reported in The Guardian, the International Food Information Council (IFIC) foundation, says consumers are taking more steps to improve their diets. Nearly nine in 10 Americans (86 percent) are interested in learning more about foods that have health benefits beyond basic nutrition, known as functional foods. I used to think superfood was matcha, spirulina, maca, chia seeds and something else I need to google how to pronounce. To my surprise; kale, almonds, blueberries, and salmon are also some superfoods. What are superfoods anyway? And why do you need them in your diet?   Superfoods just...

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