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6 Simple Beauty Resolutions for 2021

Much awaited, 2020 is coming to end. Phew, what a year. You've made it to the end and become a much stronger version of yourself. Give yourself a pat on the back and lets get ready to welcome 2021. 

It's time for a fresh start and some brand new goals for the upcoming year. 

This year, I encourage you to set some skincare goals. Seriously, skin is your largest organ and why wouldn’t you want to take care of it.

I’ve listed six reasonable and simple goals to aim for to achieve better skin and wellbeing in 2021.

1. Drink more water

I think this is the simplest goal. I know you already know how important water is but let’s try to really make this a successful goal.

If the apps you’ve got or reminders aren’t working. Buy a 1 liter water bottle and aim to finish 3 of them in a day.

Water makes up 70% of your body weight. And it’s so crucial for all sorts of bodily functions. It’s literally the holy grail.

Stay hydrated. Sounds cliché but do it. One way you can be sure that you’ve had enough water is to see if your urine is clear. If it’s dark then you need to drink more water.


2. Carry a Face mist

If you wear make all day long, it can dehydrate your skin. Your skin can feel tight when you take off your make up.

You can carry a travel size mist in your purse and spray once or twice a day to refresh your make up.

There are several options that you could choose from. Choose the ones with the most natural ingredients to keep your skin hydrated and balance PH in your skin.


3. Allow yourself some dedicated beauty time

We have so many things to achieve in a day that we rush through everything. I’m so guilty of this, I skip steps because I feel lazy. I don’t pay attention to many things.

I’ve personally picked this goal. I’ve created a relaxing soul music playlist for my night time routine to just unwind and be in the zone.

I want to enjoy taking time to take care of my skin. And actually, notice how products are affecting my skin so I can tell what’s working and what’s not.

You should too reward yourself and maybe, even consider this as an active meditation. Take care of your skin and create a night time skincare routine that will help your skin glow.

You’ll get excited for it if you make a relaxing ritual out of it. You deserve some you time. I’m really excited for this one.


4. Take better care of your hair

I have about 7 to 8 products for my face and only one for my hair. I don’t even take the time to put a hair mask. Maybe, once in a blue moon.

It’s never a priority, but this year I’m planning on not taking my hair for granted and actually giving it a little attention.

Seriously, better late than never. And I don’t know about you, but I’m cruel to my hair. I put so much heat on it and just assume it’ll be alright. 

This year, you should commit to putting a hair mask more than once a month. Putting a heat protectant spray before styling and also, putting a hair moisturizer daily. Not too hard?


5. Get more sleep

This is a bit like the first one. You hear it often, skin needs a proper amount of sleep to regenerate. This will directly impact the look and feel of your skin.

Sleeping will help you feel more healthy overall and ensure that your night time routine actually works.


6. Try out new products

It’s so easy to keep using the same products. Even if they don’t bring you that glow anymore. We’re creatures of habit, what more can I say?

But sometimes, trying out new products. Can help you find THE ONE! So don’t ever settle, keep looking and mixing it up. It can always get better (this advice can be applied to a lot of things in life)


Pick one or two that you want to commit to. Taking care of yourself more should definitely make it to your resolution list, any time of the year. The more you fill your cup, the more you can fill someone else’s cup. So take some quality time for you.