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How To Exfoliate Naturally Using The Konjac Facial Sponge

Exfoliation is an essential part of a healthy skin care routine. This is because oils, dirt and makeup can build up despite your daily cleanse. The Konjac sponge is distinct in its application in comparison to a traditional loofah or washcloth option. Those who suffer from acne, blackheads, excessive dirt buildup, and oily skin will benefit immensely from learning how to exfoliate naturally with the Konjac facial sponge.

Makeup, dirt, and oil build up in the pores can all be removed effectively with a simple application. There is an added charcoal to this particular sponge which allows for it to draw out these unwanted contaminants without scrubbing your face raw. Men and women alike can both benefit from this incredible sponge that is gaining popularity due to it's unique ability to gently cleanse the surface of the skin!

The proper usage

For effective beauty results, one should implement the proper procedure when handling the Konjac facial sponge for optimal results. Misuse may not give you the right benefits so follow these instructions to the letter to maximize the reduction of inconvenient oils. First, soak the sponge for a few minutes in warm water to activate the charcoal. Then, gently exfoliate your face including the nose, forehead, cheeks, and chin areas. You can even exfoliate the neck since oils can travel down from the face and create problems there too. If you want to use a particular brand of soap in the application then this is possible, but not entirely necessary.

This sponge will accomplish satisfactory and impressive skincare results without the application of additional cleansing soaps. Every individual sponge has an impressive shelf life of around 3 months of use which means you save money overall and get the most out of each set. The charcoal is what is especially unique about this product because it has natural properties that have been known to draw out and exfoliate stubborn oils. Dry your face with a towel and you're ready to conquer the day oil-free and reduce the occurrence of blemishes!

Benefits for the long term

If you have substantial acne problems then this is an effective alternative to certain creams and acne treatments. The first and obvious benefit is that it reduces the oils overall on your face throughout the day. Certain activities such as exercise can trickle down oil from the sweat onto your face and get trapped in the pores resulting in unsightly blemishes. Even if you shower there can still be residue trapped deep beneath them and this needs to be promptly addressed. This sponge empowers you to naturally exfoliate the skin without any harmful chemicals or additives.

It is an eco-friendly alternative to many products that don't nurture the environment. These other products can also serve to damage the skin with abrasive textures, harsh ingredients, and chemical exfoliation. It's ironic they create these in the first place because the skin is such a sensitive organ that requires a natural touch. This sponge stands out from the crowd because it is a 100 percent biodegradable product. So feel free to toss all the other products away guilt-free! The Konjac facial sponge is even packaged with integrity with 100 percent recycled materials.

Superior cleaning and application

These sponges are truly magnificent in functionality and supersede competitive brands that utilize strange ingredients and aren't biodegradable. Sometimes simpler is just better and this sponge enhances your beauty by offering a simple product that retains a sense of integrity and effectiveness for years to come! It addresses the base problem that every human being has regarding facial cleanliness. The body is naturally producing oils to help lubricate the skin and keep it healthy.

However, some people produce more oils than others. As we know the body isn't perfect, so things get trapped in the plethora of pores we have on the face. This product is a miracle for those who are health conscious and wish to remove excess oils in a safe and effective manner without harming the world we live in! Sometimes when other products are applied they can result in redness and irritation, even if you apply them gently. They don't take into consideration how sensitive the skin is. The Konjac facial sponge though takes special measures to ensure it will gently address the oily problems safely while achieving incredible results!

No additives or pesky fragrances

One of the most common problems with other facial sponges is they contain additives that can harm your skin and introduce unnatural ingredients that do more harm than good. Their intentions might be pure, but the experience certainly isn't. These are especially abrasive if you use them consistently with increased pressure as some instruct the user to do. Many products also have a fragrance which might be preferable by some, but this also is not good for the skin over long periods. Some have even reported getting extensive migraines from sponges with added fragrances.

You also increase your risk of allergic reactions when using these products. It's much safer to go with the Konjac facial sponge to ensure a smooth experience with no added nonsense. Reducing the risk factors is enough reason to throw away your old sponges and pick up a more reliable brand that will benefit you in a natural way. It reaches new heights of excellence in a simplistic manner and also feels great! Another benefit is that there's no limit to where you can apply them. For instance, the back is a central hub for oil accumulation and oftentimes people will experience breakouts galore there. You can reach back and get rid of these excess oils for a wonderful experience that reduces dirt and oil on a daily basis!