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Easily switching from Summer to Fall skincare routine

Do you feel it getting cooler? You can finally walk around midday without sweating profusely. Since the weather is changing, this guide will help you switch your skincare routine from summer to fall.

It’s not just to stay on trend but it is crucial for your skin to look healthy and stay glowing. During summer time, there is more moisture in the air and that protects your barrier.

These tips are all you’ll need to make the transition.



Tip#1: Add more moisture

You can use an oil based moisturizer and seal it on with a face cream. This will keep your skin moisturized and protected from the wind, cold or rain.

As the weather changes, your habits also change. You stay inside more, drink less water and eat different food. Also, avoid using soap or foaming cleansers that are harsh and can strip away your essential oils.

Cooler temperatures with low humidity call for extra moisture on your lips and under your eyes as well. If these weren’t part of your routine, fall should be your cue. Our skin isn’t a fan of sudden transition and this can make a big difference.


Tip#2: Keep up with sunscreen 

It’s so simple to forget this when it’s usually cloudy. However, the UV rays are still as harmful as they are on sunny days.

And most articles and celebrities keep emphasizing this. You’ve heard it many times to not overlook your sunscreen but I get it, it’s hard to do so.

However, you can easily get by with SPF 15 instead of 30. Just make sure, it protects you from both UVA and UVB.



Tip#3: Pumpkin Everything! 

Am I the only one obsessed with pumpkin pie? I recently became aware that it’s available all year round but it’s always been a fall thing for me.

You see all the pumpkin flavored things? Turns out that pumpkins are so great for your body and skin. It is an amazing source of protein and fiber among other micronutrients.

Moreover, it can also be used as an all-natural face mask to exfoliate and keep your skin smooth. It’ll help you glow while you enjoy a slice of pumpkin pie or sip of your pumpkin spice latte.



Tip #4: Wash your add-ons

Scarves can make or break your outfit. What is fall without scarves and cute beanies? Don’t forget to wash these frequently.

I’m guilty of avoiding it and it causes dirt to rest on your face. Which can lead to break outs and you can avoid it by regularly washing your add-ons.



Tip#5: Take care of your diet

You may not be striving for that summer body anymore, but a happy gut means healthy skin.

Even though, fresh fruit and vegetables aren’t as abundant in the fall. It’s a good idea to include beauty foods that are still available. Such as dark leafy greens, pomegranates, sweet potatoes and cauliflower.

Also, it’s a good time to load up on pre and probiotics. Foods like yogurt, garlic, onions, leeks and etc. will benefit your skin.


Hope these tips make your transition from summer to fall effortless. These are very simple tips on how you can keep having a glowing skin.