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Here's why you should switch to clean beauty

You’re probably being bombarded by these celebrities or some yoga instructors about how natural skincare is all the hype.

They seem so convinced that it can change lives and your skincare game. Yet it might be hard to believe.

I was skeptical too, I feel like chemicals are what really do the work. I’ve always heard if its tingling, it’s working.

Solet me convince you today that natural beauty isn’t just another trend that makes you seem woke and hip.

You might be often questions why should I invest in a higher priced product when you’re not really sure about the benefits of natural skincare.

Buying natural skincare isn’t only amazing for your health and personal well-being but also, for the environment in general.


Better for your skin:

The number one plus point of natural skincare is that it isn’t a bunch of chemicals and ingredients you’ve never heard of. They’re made from products that can be found in nature. Which could mean you’re using products that people have incorporated in their beauty routine for generations.

A year or decade from now, they’ll still be healthier for your skin. Whereas, chemical products can cause long term damage or need to be upgraded to stronger products in the future.

Most skincare you find at Sephora (unless, they’re clean beauty) are packed with petrochemicals and other potentially harmful synthetic ingredients. 


No Side effects:

Natural product don’t have side effects. Chemical skincare can cause skin rashes, skin allergies, scars and long term damage.

Natural products made with ingredients that are pure and not modified prevent chances of breakouts and acne.

Moreover, natural products don’t have toxic smells which can cause migraine problems, sinuses and others.

Importantly, the chemicals from a skincare product are absorbed into your skin. They can invade in your blood stream and cause a threat to your internal organ.

They also disrupt your endocrine system, which leads to hormonal imbalance and put you at the risk of cancer.


Good for the Environment:

It’s not only so amazing for your health, it is good for the environment as well. Look at you doing humanity a service.

All natural skincare is sourced more sustainably than the products containing a bunch of chemicals. They’re sourced from farmers or grown in their own backyard. This helps eliminate the negative impact on the globe.

Also, they’re cruelty free so you’re protecting animals as well.


If you haven’t switched yet, maybe it’s time to finally do it. You’re not only investing in your health and wellbeing for the long haul but also, taking care of the world.