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The Unexpected Power Of Rituals

Do you start your day by checking your phone, or snoozing your alarm, or rushing to work with at least 10 worries?

You’ve missed out on the power of everyday rituals. Ever wonder why you love holidays? It’s filled with rituals like your mom’s green bean casserole or wearing green on St. Patrick’s day. 

Rituals are a set of series you perform regularly. Not to be confused with routines. Routines are brushing your teeth or drinking coffee. Rituals are meaningful and backed with intention.

Rituals are a reflection of what matters to you by putting your values into practice. You value self-care, creativity, being compassionate? But can barely manage to remain sane between your chores and work life.

As humans, our sight gets smaller. We get caught up in the day to day so easily. We focus on the little things and forget about the bigger picture. Like what do we really want?

You want more money, a relationship, that promotion, a new car but why? You get so caught up in thinking that you need things but you forget why?Interesting how you think more things will bring you happiness and freedom but you risk your happiness and freedom for those things.

The cycle never ends. The most powerful way I’ve learned is to form rituals around the things I value the most. It’s easy to hold on to them.

I value self-care, creativity, relationships and improvement. My everyday ritual is to start with a cup of coffee, do some stretches (somedays I skip this part) and do a skincare routine. For improvement, I check in with my goals in the morning and see what I can do this week to progress.

For creativity, I write or cook something new or try something different. And for relationships, I make sure I see my 2 bffs in town once every week.

I don’t have a mansion, the fastest car, a million dollars, a steady job (Freelancer) or even a boyfriend. However, I can tell you a fact. I’m very happy.

And it takes dedication to come to this point. One of the things is Rituals. 

They don’t have to be complicated or time-consuming. You can just add in little things to make a tiny part of your day into a celebration.

Other than translating your values into action. Daily, weekly or seasonal rituals help you carve out time for what truly matters.

Rather than habits that can seem imposing, rituals are nourishing routines. They are done with intention and awareness. This makes them more mindful.

Especially in stressful and uncertain times having rituals that can reset or renew you. Recurring activities like going to the church, or Sunday brunches or even a night skincare routine (Yes, skincare routine is the easiest and most recurring for me).

Another reason for having rituals is that it helps focus. While studying the top performers, author Mason Currey (Daily Rituals: How Artists Work) discovered that the secret to a masterpiece was routine.

When you regularly practice a ritual, it gives your mind a cue to start preparing for the main act. For example, I have a night routine. I do my skincare routine, a little stretch then I get in my bed and write. Then I just fall asleep.

Simple rituals can deepen emotional, spiritual and social connections. It helps us pause for a moment and reconnect with ourselves and our loved ones. Also, you can create a stronger relationship with yourself.


Here are 5 easy rituals to create:

  1. Create a night time skincare routine. Bonus: you can add the oils from Amaki Skincare (Click here to check out our collection). They are packed with nutrition for skin and smell heavenly. It’ll help you start a day fresh and/or unwind at night. (Two in one kinda thing)
  2. Stretching after you wake up as a gesture for being thankful to your body.
  3. Writing in your gratitude journal in the morning or night.
  4. Going for a morning or evening walk.
  5. Making yourself tea or coffee mindfully.


You should take the time to commit to one of them this week and see the magic yourself. You’ll feel more in control and energized.