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Stress Management: 5 Simple Ways To Relax

At the spa, the receptionist said “who isn’t stressed?” after listening to the stressful day of one of the clients.

I realized that it’s true. We’re living in a world with so much going on all the time. We can barely hear ourselves and calm our minds.

As a result, we’re less focused and we burn out or shut down. You probably realized it and tried to add some relaxation ways but failed to keep up.

And if you’re telling yourself that you’re too busy to take a little time out for some simple adjustments to benefit your long term health. I don’t even know what to tell.

Seriously, commit to yourself and recognize when you need a mini break during your day.



You may think that you’re breathing normally but you’re holding tension somewhere in your chest.

Take a few deep breaths, and always remember to come to your breath. It is the easiest and powerful way to clear the stress. 

Don’t underestimate the power of deliberate breathing. Including slow inhale and exhale in your routine will help you feel calm and in control.

4-7-8 is my favorite breathing technique.

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You inhale for 4 seconds, hold for 7 and release slowing for 8.

Just returning to your breath is something you should make a habit.


Relaxing playlist:

Music is a simple and fun way to release tension. It can promote relaxation of tense muscles, letting you release all the stress.

When you release your muscles and loosen your body, your mind relaxes too.

Also, if you wanna stretch or do yoga, music can help make a relaxing activity even more relaxing.

Music helps your brain get into a meditative state. And, uplifting music can help you feel more positive. Helping you seize the day.

While we’re on this, upbeat music that forces you dance is obviously gonna make you feel better (duh?)


Try reflexology:

I tried this last week, if you haven’t given reflexology a try. Maybe this weekend you can.

It’s a natural, low cost way to offset stress on the heart and your overall health. It helps increase nerve supply to the cells and release toxins from body’s toxins. It has said to increase feel good hormones and encourage release of endorphins.

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You can even try sauna to release muscle tension and calm you.


Get a Rose water spray:

This one is my absolute favorite. I carry Rose water toner  in my purse.

The fragrance of rose water and beautiful droplets on your face will relieve you from stress and make you fresh as a rose.

The scent will help you calm down and give you a glow. Plus, it helps keeping your skin hydrated.

Rose Water Hydrating Mist Toner

Rose Water restores your skin's pH balance and absorbs excess oils without drying out your skin.


Take a walk:

When things get a little too much, or you’re feeling down. Just make yourself get out of the room or office.

Taking a little walk, moving your body is a natural stress reliever. Also, you can observe your body and it’s working to help you move along. You can practice some mindfulness, breathing techniques. This will help you get out of your mind.

Walking also promotes blood flow to your brain and it can help you reset your stress.