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Spotlight on Amaki jasmine and rose nourishing oil

Essential oils have been used in various cultures for cosmetic and healing purposes since the beginning of recorded history. The Egyptians used essential oils like almond oil, calamus root oil, and sesame seed oil to treat a variety of skin diseases. In China during the 21st century BC, the emperor Huang-ti recommended herbal remedies such as tea tree oil to treat skin infections in women. Such practices also extended to ancient Greece, Rome, and Japan where jasmine oil and rose oil were common. These oils were reputed for their healing properties and were also used as a perfume.

Plant-derived oils as a replacement for chemicals

In the modern era, commercial production of essential oils often involves steam distillation or cold pressing. One of the most recent trends in cosmetic chemistry is to use plant-derived oils as a replacement to chemicals now commonly used in cosmetics such as petrolatum and mineral oil, which can be synthesized from petroleum products. In this way, plant-derived botanical essential oils offer several benefits with respect to chemical ingredients including:

  • less risk of an allergic reaction;
  • close to the natural composition of the original plant because they are usually obtained by cold pressing rather than industrial processing methods that can alter them chemically;
  • pure in composition because they are obtained with natural methods;
  • less harmful to the environment because they are derived with natural methods.

Most common plant-derived oils

The most common plant-derived oils used in cosmetics are argan oil, jojoba oil, rosehip seed oil, jasmine oil, bergamot oil, and sweet almond oil. These plant-derived oils offer a number of benefits when applied to skincare products including rejuvenating properties that can help fight against signs of aging by increasing cell turnover. They also generally contain vitamins A & E that reduce oxidative stress on skin cells. Plant-based oils generally feel lighter on the skin compared to their chemical counterparts which make them ideal for use in moisturizers, toners, serums, and sunscreens.
These properties have made essential oils increasingly popular in cosmetic applications with an ever-increasing number of companies developing products that contain them. One company that uses plant-derived essential oils is Amaki that manufactures a line of jasmine and rose nourishing oil.

Amaki's Jasmine and Rose Nourishing Oil

This is a lightweight moisturizing oil blend of 8 organic essential oils made of 100% natural ingredients with no artificial chemicals including sulfate or paraben. Like all Amaki's products, this oil is manufactured in small batches to ensure optimum freshness at all times. This also allows the company to perform quality control inspections during each step of production, allowing for greater consistency in its final product.
To preserve its therapeutic properties for as long as possible, Amaki uses dark amber glass bottles to protect the oil from degradation due to exposure to sunlight that can produce free radicals that damage skin cells. So what are these properties?

Promotes cell renewal

Amaki's Jasmine and Rose Nourishing Oil contains 10% pure jasmine essential oil along with 5% pure rose oil which are meant to be applied directly to the skin. The main benefit of these oils is their rejuvenating properties which promote cell turnover resulting in younger-looking skin by increasing blood circulation and preventing dryness.

Reduces acne scars or age spots

Another benefit offered by this product is its ability to reduce acne scars or age spots as well as fight against wrinkles and fine lines. Organic jasmine essential oil is known for its incredibly powerful anti-aging properties, adding a boost of hydration to skin. It also has excellent wound healing abilities. It also contains aromatherapy properties that promote relaxation and peace of mind. As a result of its soothing properties, it is also used as an antidepressant agent.

Hydrates damaged hair

In addition, this product has great benefits for your hair. Jasmine and rose nourishing oils are especially effective for dry, damaged hair that needs hydration. They help give your hair a healthy shine while strengthening against damage caused by humidity or other environmental factors that can cause split ends, breakages, or flyaway tresses.

Protects color-treated hair

As with all Amaki products, the Jasmine & Rose Nourishing Oil was crafted using only the finest ingredients that are tested to ensure high quality. It's designed to leave your hair looking healthy and beautiful without weighing it down. The mild formula is perfect for color-treated hair since it doesn't contain mineral oil found in most other conditioning oils. Simply use a few drops of Amaki's nourishing oil on damp or dry tresses to make them more manageable and silky smooth!

Strengthens nails

This unique combination helps in strengthening your nails so they can grow healthy and strong as well as helping to keep cuticles moisturized and looking good.

How often should you use Amaki Jasmine & Rose Nourishing Oil?

You should apply this nourishing oil on your skin, hair, and nails once or twice a day: in the morning to hydrate and protect skin from dehydration, stress and other environmental factors; at night for a relaxing massage after cleansing to improve blood circulation while helping your body release more melatonin so you can get quality sleep!

The 8 organic oils work synergistically to help nurture your skin while delivering powerful anti-aging properties that will leave your complexion looking radiant. It's suitable for all skin types including mature skin since it promotes the appearance of younger looking skin without causing irritation.

In general, plant-derived oils have been an integral part of many cultures for centuries if not millennia due to their multiple uses including medicinal purposes. As scientific research has revealed, plant-derived oils contain many beneficial properties for skincare applications. With this knowledge becoming more widespread, there is likely to be an increased use of these ingredients in cosmetics which can only benefit consumers who are looking for effective products that are also natural.