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4 Reasons Your Acne Is Coming Back

You’ve been doing what everyone says, drinking plenty of water and eating clean. However, your acne just doesn’t clean up! Gosh, it lightens up but is never fully going away.

You’ve tried so many products and all the DIY masks that you could. You wake up every morning and check the mirror hoping it’s magically disappeared but nope, it’s just casually hanging out at the same spot you left it.


There may be some sneaky reason why your face won’t clear up, and you should be careful. I don’t blame you though, even I was shocked at most of them.


Overusing Products

Binge-watching YouTube day/night skincare routines? And then impulsively ordering skincare products to get the same glow? That’s all good. It may not be working for you though.

Elizabeth Tanzi, M.D., founder of Capital Laser & Skin Care in Washington, DC. Says that with so many antioxidant, retinoid, acne, and exfoliating products on the market, women are layering up products which may do more damage than good for the face.

"Since the ingredients are more active and effective than ever, they can also irritate the skin if overused or used in combinations that are not right for your skin type," she adds.

It’s important to understand each of the active ingredients in your products. The ‘stronger’ the product is, it should be used in low quantities.

Furthermore, you may be scrubbing your face too hard to get the pollutants out of your face. It feels fresh but it can severe damage.

Your face is the most sensitive area of all and should be treated very gently. Try using an oil cleanser or foaming face wash.


Dirty pillowcase

I’ve always had clear skin but few months ago, I started seeing acne on my cheeks. Yikes, I blamed my bad habit of not cleaning my make-up brushes and possibly, the bacteria from my phone.

I started cleaning my make-up brushes and got electronic wipes for my phone. I saw the difference yet it wasn’t completely gone.

After being so lost, I turned to google with my frustrations. I badly missed my clear skin on my cheeks.

I landed on a website that opened my eyes. It was my PILLOWCASE.

Your pillowcase collects the oils released from your skin while you sleep and you sleep on it again. You know where I’m going with this, switch out your pillow case once a week.

No seriously, it’ll make a difference. I'm saying this from experience.


You’re stressed

Yes, you! You’re stressed out and that’s it.

That may be causing your acne to make your face its’ home sweet home.

Since you’ve been taking such good care of your skin and body, and haven’t seen a difference. Try out a yoga class or simply meditate.

When your stressed, the tank of cortisol hormones that are released can be so detrimental to your skin. Not just skin but overall, health.

“Patients who have skin conditions have been shown to have higher instances of anxiety and social avoidance,” says Abigail Waldman, a dermatologist at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston.

“It’s all interconnected in that stress and anxiety can impact skin conditions, and having skin issues can lead to anxiety and negatively affect someone.” 

Next time you’re anxious or stressed out about the tiniest of things, just ask yourself if it’s really worth your health.


You’re not washing your face before and after working out

This may not be your regular prep for going to the gym. However, washing your face before and skipping the makeup is a good choice.

“If you don't wash your face before working out, then you're sweating up against all of the oil, dirt, debris, and makeup that is on your skin, which can clog your pores,” says New York-based dermatologist Dr. Dennis Gross

Also, make sure to wash your face immediately after your workout. You don’t want sweat to dry and clog your pores.


If you didn’t think about these sneaky reasons why your acne isn’t clearing up, you’re not alone. Spread the word, and finally get rid of the stubborn acne.