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4 Japanese Skincare Secrets That Your Skin Needs

Do you ever look at Asian women and think “Do they even age?”. Or am I the only creepy one staring at their beautiful skin and being envious (I hope I’m not alone).

Their flawless complexion and even skin is praiseworthy. There skincare routine may have the answers you and I are longing for.

Japanese women don’t think of skincare as a chore, they indulge in it. It’s an act of love towards themselves. Recently, I’ve been using my night time skincare routine as a self-care practice. It’s meditative and I make it feel so luxurious.



I began looking into Asian techniques to glowing skin and found Japanese women really know what they’re doing.

Amanne Sharif, the communications manager of Japanese skin-care brand DHC says “In Japan, beautiful skin is important and Japanese women understand that starting a consistent skin-care regimen is essential to achieving beautiful skin. It’s a beautiful and luxurious part of the day that is about treating yourself”

Treat yourself! I love the sound of that and it sounds even relaxing when you work all day long and juggle chores in your “free” time.

Do it for your skin and do it for your sanity. The most enticing part about Japanese skincare is that it doesn’t require a lot of commitment and it may just help you simplify your beauty routine.


Beauty Secret#1: Natural Products

The latest trend in America are the natural skincare products, however, Japanese women have always been fond of skincare products that are mostly chemical free and are low in alcohol.

Also, the gentler the product the better. Using a gentle oil based or foaming cleanser helps to keep skin looking healthy and it doesn’t dry out the skin.

Cleansing is essential for eliminating bacteria or pollutants so that it doesn’t clog your pores and cause breakouts.

Using softer products will help retain moisture in your skin which will reduce wrinkles and fine lines.


Beauty Secret#2: Matcha Tea

Matcha tea doesn’t just make for an instragram worthy picture. It contains anti-oxidents and chlorophyll which can help skin against the UV rays. Matcha also has anti-flammatory properties which can help reduce puffiness and redness.

Match green tea leaves contain amino acid L-Theanine which promotes the production of alpha waves in the brain which induces relaxation. Which means, it reduces stress. You and I both know that stress is toxic for your body and skin. Chinese Daoists and Japanese Zen Buddhist Monks use match tea as a way to relax and meditate while staying alert.


Matcha has various other health benefits, but another thing that’s good for your skin is the high content of chlorophyll. It is a powerful detoxifier that can eliminate chemical toxins form your body. Hence, giving you flawless skin.

So don’t just look down on this matcha trend as mainstream. I’m so guilty of this, didn’t really know how amazing it is.


Beauty Secret #3: Look out for Collagen Rich Products

Collagen may sound like a familiar word. Collagen is the most abundant form of protein found in your body.

It’s found in muscles, bones, skin, blood vessels, digestive system and tendons. It’s responsible to give your skin strength and elasticity. It keeps your skin bouncy and youthful.

As we grow older the production of collagen in our bodies slows down. This contributes to fine lines and wrinkles. In Japan, collagen products are the hype.

They have collagen cookies, masks, powders and supplements. I’m not telling you to go all out and start baking collagen cookies (they’re still cookies though, so that’s a plus).

You can find collagen powders online and add them to your smoothies, teas or anything you prefer. Also; consuming fish, dark green vegetables, berries, soy can increase your collagen production.


Beauty Secret #4: Anti- Aging Masks

Japanese women have unlocked the secret for youthful skin. It’s keeping it hydrated.

As you may have noticed, most of the secrets lead to retaining moisture. The more hydrated the skin is, the more youthful and glowing it’ll appear.

All face masks have some kind of a cleansing function. They remove excess oil and other pollutants from the skin gently. Face masks usually contain various anti-aging ingredients.

Applying a facial mask once a week can do the trick. Schedule a night to pamper yourself and show your future self some love. 

This may or may not take some extra effort on your part but isn’t it worth it in the long run. Just think of when you tell someone your age and they go like “Really? You look a lot younger!”. Just remember the goal isn’t to find an elixir for eternal youth. That’s not possible so focus on aging gracefully.


These Japanese secrets will give you the confidence to wear your skin and feel proud of it (also, enjoy the compliments!)