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Why scientists say gratitude should be a year long practice?

Turkey day, I mean, thanksgiving is around the corner.  And feeling grateful at this time is reinforced by everything and everyone.

It may seem as if it’s preached all the time now. But I promise, there’s a reason for the hype.

Here are a few ways gratitude can change your life:


Transform relationships

Saying “Thank you” is good manner, however, a 2014 study published in Emotion shows that showing appreciation can help make new friends.

Showing gratitude to an acquaintance makes them more likely to pursue an ongoing relationship.

Acknowledging other people’s contributions can lead to more opportunities. Not just this, but think about how you feel when someone genuinely thanks you. You give the same warm fuzzy feeling to someone else?

It makes the bond between you two stronger. A study conducted between two friends showed that verbally expressing gratitude made them feel as if they were supported and willing to help each other out without expecting anything. It wasn’t the same when they only thought about it.

Be sure to say it out loud to your friend or partner that you’re thankful for (insert whatever they did/didn’t do).


Improves physical health

Being grateful can help you ease physical pain. Bit skeptical?

In a study called “Counting blessings vs. Burdens” that was done in 2003, ill patients were asked to keep a gratitude journal. 16% reported reduced symptoms, and 10% said that their pain had decreased.

Grateful people also take care of their health. They are more willing to exercise, and are motivated to stay fit.

Improves psychological health

Being grateful can reduce so many negative thoughts from jealousy to regret to hate.

Many studies on the benefits of gratitude show that keeping a gratitude journal, or writing and sending thank you notes increases your long term happiness.

Participant who wrote gratitude letters showed significant behavioural changes.

Using MRI scans, it was determined that they were able to manage negative emotions better and were more willing to be helpful.


Increased Energy 

Gratitude can help you feel more energetic and relaxed, are happier and healthier.

The dopamine in our brains sets off a chain reaction that ignites the benefits of gratitude. Every study shows the benefits of gratitude to our bodies, minds and souls.

It’s understandable that in these dark, violent times, we might not feel grateful for anything but maybe that could also be because we aren’t thankful enough.


Improved self-esteem

It might go without saying, it can help you build self-esteem.

If you show gratitude towards yourself, and appreciate what you’ve done and been through.

You’re more likely to want to invest in yourself more. Therefore, learning new skills and adopting positive habits.

Rather than becoming envious of people who have more money and better jobs. Grateful people can appreciate their accomplishments.


These are only five ways gratitude can have an influence in your life. Make gratitude a year round thing. Not just for the holidays.

You might think it doesn’t work, but give it a try. You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain.