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Why Argon oil should be in your skincare?

Argon trees are almost exclusively grown in southwest Morocco, and argon oil is derived from them. Traditionally, Moroccans applied argon oil topically to treat everything from eczema to wrinkles and hair loss.

Argon oil can be found in two forms. First, derived from roasted argon kernels that can be eaten and second, derived from unroasted argon kernels that are meant for cosmetic purposes.

They’re packed with monosaturated fatty acids and antioxidants, and contains more Vitamin E than Olive oil.



Hydrates Skin

The most obvious benefit is that it makes the skin soft. The composition of fatty acids and Vitamin E gives it moisturizing properties. This vitamin also has immense antioxidant properties.

A 2015 study shows that argon oil both consumed orally or applied topically was able to improve skin elasticity.


Helps prevent Skin discoloration

You probably know that suns UV rays are harmful for your skin. Sun exposure can also cause hyperpigmentation. However, argon oil has the potential to reverse it.

It was confirmed by researchers who believe it is because of the high concentration of antioxidants, and its vitamin E contents, which helps prevent the oxidative damage to the pigment cells.


Ideal for Oily skins and breakouts

Though, it may sound counterintuitive. Argon Oil has anti-sebum properties. Sebum is the oil that is secreted by our skin.

Topically applying argon oil cream can reduce sebum levels and give you a less shiny complexion. A review published in Alternative Medicine review confirms these benefits of Argon Oil.


Treats various skin conditions

As mentioned earlier, Argon Oil has healing properties as it contains several anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds. Which could be why it treats skin tissues.

It can also be used on skin infections. Though, there isn’t sufficient evidence regarding this claim.


Reduces wrinkles

Because it’s so hydrating, it can help your skin appear younger. As you grow older, your skin starts thinning losing collagen and elasticity. This can lead to tissue paper like wrinkling of skin. 

Especially great for postmenopausal women’s skin, it has shown to prove elasticity.


Bonus: good for hair

Argon Oil is not only good for skin but also your hair. There are phenols found in argon oil, which are stimulating to the scalp and promote hair growth. 

It also protects your hair from the sun. It neutralizes free radicals enhanced by natural environment and sun.


You should consider adding argon oil to your routine. It could be a skin and hair care staple. Check out our collection, most of the products contain argon oil.