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The Skincare Essentials You Actually Need

Have you walked in to Sephora’s skincare isles and felt so darn lost?

I mean how many things do I actually need for my face? There are bottles that have pomegranate or avocado or some other superfood that has tons of benefits.

Even though, every product sounds like a miracle cure. Do you really need it? It’s hard to decide what you actually need.

Today, I’m aiming to make it simple for you because I’ve been there. I’ve seen all the products and also, been extremely overwhelmed with choices.

And just standing confused. Walking home with 5 samples to try and then getting busy with other things in life.

Honestly, skincare doesn’t have to be complicated. 

The more simple it is, the better it is for your skin. Your skin probably needs less than you think. You can assist it with products but don’t spoil it or get it dependent on products you don’t need.

These are the basics that you need: Cleanser, Moisturizer, Sunscreen, repair or anti-aging products. I’ll elaborate a little more.




Yes, cleanser is definitely a must-have. This is necessary to clean up your skin from dirt, pollution, just about anything.

You don’t need a fancy cleanser. Or with any special thing in it. If you prefer it then great but otherwise, it’s only job is to clean your face.

It only stays on your skin for about 15 seconds twice a day which is hardly enough to have any therapeutic effects.

Pick a cleanser that is suitable for your skin type and notice how your skin likes it.



Can’t skip that. Moisture is NEEDED.

Pick a moisturizer that suits your skin type. Each skin type is a blessing and a curse.

Each skin type has it’s negatives and positives. If you have oily skin, you’ll produce your own moisture and will be less likely to get wrinkles. But you’ll have tendency to get acne or large pores.

If your skin is dry, then you’re more likely to get wrinkles but less likely to get acne and large pores.

Pick the right type of moisturizer too. And you should be good.




If you don’t have one, get one now. You’ve heard it so many times, so why not believe all the hype.

It’s the secret to younger looking skin. Ask all the celebrities the one skincare essential they recommend, it’s sunscreen.

Sunscreens that are creams and lotions have a moisturizing base and don’t need extra moisture.

Taking Vitamin D in addition can be so beneficial for your skin. It is critical for bone health and to prevent several skin cancers.



Repair or Anti-aging products

It’s time for the good part, where you can customize your routine. After the essentials, you would need something your skin is calling for.

Vitamin A, think Renova and Retinol is actually a skincare product you’ll want to include. They are the holy grail to reverse sun-damaged and aging skin.

Antioxidants,a lot of products have added antioxidants to their formulas. And yes, they work. Only if you feel as if your needs aren’t met with the essentials. Play around with Vitamin C and E in serum form.


And that’s it folks. No long list.

Your skincare essentials shouldn't be at most 4-5 products if your skin doesn’t have any other form of special needs. Just focus on what your skin needs.

Make it as simple as possible. Your skin will co-operate with you, I promise.