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The One Thing About Your Brain, You Must Know!

There’s this ONE THING about your brain you must know, so that you are working with what you got- to get you what you want!

Your brain likes what’s familiar.

That’s right.  You walk into a room or place and instantly- before you even realize it, your brain has scanned the room looking for what is familiar.

Imagine going to a party as a single person.  Instantly your brain is scanning the room for what is familiar.  It sees far more than you are conscious of.  Before you know it you are making new friends.  What kind of people did you “see?”  Who did you ‘zero’ in on?  The kind of people you are used to being with.

Now, that’s great if you always attract loving, kind, so available people that are really there for you.  Your mind just keeps zeroing in on them.  If you tend to attract unavailable, not so nice people, well your mind just keeps zeroing in on them. (Hey, I didn’t make the rules!)

What about business?  Do you always make great investments and make powerful choices?  If so, unconsciously your brain will zero in on that for you in the future, because it sees what is familiar.

NOW… you know this is coming… what if what is familiar is something you DON’T want to keep attracting and you want to start attracting what has, in the past, been unfamiliar?

You guessed it.  You simply have to make the unfamiliar, familiar. 

That starts in the only place it really can- in your own mind.  You must make the unfamiliar, so familiar in your own brain, which, by the way, doesn’t know the difference between real and imagined.  That will then begin to inform your decisions and actions.

One way to do this is first, to decide, what is one idea that you want to make very familiar?  For example, how about the idea that you are “lucky!”  You know, you are lucky, good things happen to you, everything works out for the best, and things just have a way of working out for you.  Would that be something that you would like to make SOOOOO familiar?

So you need to start making that a familiar belief in your mind, in your internal world.  You do that first, by coming up with a mantra.  “I am so lucky, things work out great for me.” (Or pick something that resonates with you.)  Then say that mantra 50 times a day!  Say it over and over.  In the beginning, you have to write it on sticky notes, lipstick on the mirror, notes all over the place to remind you!  (It’s not familiar, remember?  That means you need external reminders!!!)

Once you start saying that over and over, it will start to stick in.


Then, watch for anything that happens that you can say to yourself, “See, I am lucky!  Everything is working out great for me!!!” 

If you keep this up you WILL start seeing things turn your way and then you will truly have made this, “Just the way you are.”  And won’t that be great?  Because you ARE lucky!!!


Photo by Eli DeFaria 


By Dr. Janette Freeman