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Self-Love Essentials For Women

Every woman deserves to feel amazing and love themselves. Taking care of oneself is one of the most important things to do, and not just on International Women's Day. Every day should be full of self-love and self-appreciation.

Self-love is more than treating yourself and feeling guilty when you don't do it. To love oneself means that everything you do is for your highest good, not what will get the approval of others. It also means that you set boundaries with people who try to bring your energy down and encourage those who challenge you.

My goal is to help women worldwide to love themselves unconditionally. No woman should feel like they need to hide behind toxic chemicals or make-up in order to look beautiful! Come join me in making this happen by focusing on women's wellness and wellbeing through 'Self Love' with our self-care essentials. These products give gentle, daily nourishment that is perfect for daily use along with additional targeted treatments when necessary.

The brands I personally recommend are all designed specifically with women in mind because they understand our bodies require different care to stay healthy and beautiful. These brands have been carefully selected as top-quality alternatives to their high street cousins:

Blackhead Mask from Keeva Organics

The blackhead mask is a unique and innovative way to help you look your best. This dual-action, 2-in-1 formula works as a daily cleanser that deep cleans pores while removing dead skin cells impurities whilst tea tree oil helps prevent future breakouts from forming.   

It also contains kaolin clay which absorbs extra oils and toxins to give a smoother appearance to the skin. The mask can be used by all skin types. A 20ml sachet is suitable for use at home or on travel trips making this the perfect addition to any woman's purse! By using this mask 2-3 times per week, you can quickly improve your skin quality.

You can order it on Amazon or check their website for an array of organic skincare products.

Face Rx Moisturizing Cream from Oncoderm Labs

The moisturizing cream is a paraben-free, fragrance-free, and plant-based product. The ingredients used in the cream are known to be effective at relieving dryness and addressing aging skin. It contains hyaluronic acid which helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by providing intense hydration, along with antioxidants such as green tea extract which help diminish free radicals damage caused by UV radiation.

Designed for people with dry, sensitive skin, this hypoallergenic, non-greasy cream formula soothes severely dry skin by calming irritation and providing 12-hour hydration. You can order it on Amazon or via their website.

Flowers and Salts Bath Soak from Amaki Skincare

The most wonderful thing about this bath soak is that it can be used by all skin types. It's made from only the purest ingredients, 100% natural, vegan and free of harmful chemicals. 

The Flowers & Salts Bath Soak will gently cleanse your skin while moisturizing with grape seed oil, algae extract, and aloe vera.

Peppermint Essential Oil stimulates circulation which helps with cell regeneration for healthy skin and sandalwood oil tones the look of your complexion by balancing your skins tone. Finally, Shea Butter is an excellent hydrator that repairs damage to dry or chapped skin caused by exposure to the elements. This blend gives you a relaxed mood with its warmth so it's perfect for unwinding after a long day.  

You can buy this product on Amazon or visit their website to learn more about their other products!

Our Healing Tea from Our Botanicals

The Our Botanicals team hand-blend packages and labels all our products in a farmhouse kitchen by a local lake. They only choose the best ingredients that will provide you with high-quality teas that taste great and are beneficial to your health. The special blend of organic herbs used in this product includes Dandelion Root, Burdock Root, Red Raspberry Leaf, Ginger Root & Slippery Elm Bark.  

Our Botanicals is perfect for anyone looking to improve their overall wellness and give their digestive system a boost. This herbal tea can also be mixed with other varieties to create unique flavor combinations! You can buy it on Amazon or learn more about it here.

Tranquilene Total Calm from Tranquility Labs

A comprehensive all-natural dietary supplement designed to provide fast anxiety relief and everyday stress control while providing immediate herbal calming support. Irritability, mood swings, restlessness & low energy are just a few of the symptoms associated with stress.

Stress is not something you can avoid in your day-to-day life so it's important to have all-natural solutions that will help you combat the effects it has on your body. This dietary supplement contains extracts from herbs known to assist in anxiety relief such as Ashwagandha and Valerian root which are known for their calming benefits, with Holy Basil being widely used for its adaptogenic properties which work by balancing cortisol levels in the body when under chronic stress. You can buy it on Amazon or visit their website for more information.

Now it's your turn: Tell us in a comment below about an online store you know that sells great quality products!

We're starting this series with skincare brands because we can all agree that: 1) everyone could benefit from high-quality skincare without harmful chemicals and 2) skincare products must not always come with a hefty price tag! Stay tuned for more articles in this series! If you liked our article or found it helpful, please share it!