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A single girl's guide to Valentine's Day

I found a quote on Pinterest. “You carry so much love in your heart. Give some. To yourself”

Valentine’s day is about making the special person in your life feel loved. It’s a reminder to celebrate the relationship you share with the other.

What if you’re single?

You look through Instagram and feel awful about the fact that you’re alone on this day where everyone is in love and having romantic dates.

First, let me remind you, pictures can create a facade. Things and situations are rarely as perfect. 

Here are some great ideas for a single gal on valentine’s day:


Practice self-love:

Now you’re probably thinking how though? You’ve heard it several times but there’s no straight path to this.


It varies from person to person depending on their upbringing and personality. If you struggle with this, best way is to start by treating yourself the way you would to a loved one.

For example, talk to yourself the way you would to someone you cared about. If someone was going through a rough time, you wouldn’t beat them up about it. Instead, you’ll say encouraging words to them.

Even when it comes to eating, dressing or walking. Do everything like you love yourself, how would you wake up in the morning if you cared about you?

Be your own companion, you’ll spend the rest of your life with yourself.

So this valentine’s day, take yourself out to your favorite restaurant, spa treatment or spoil yourself with your favorite dessert and movie at home. There are really endless ways of showing yourself affection.


Galantine’s day:

Valentine’s day is the celebration of love, not just romantic love.

Surely, you’re not the only one single on this day. You’ve got friends who’ll probably love to celebrate this day with you over a nice meal and quality wine.

Spend this day celebrating your loving friendships. Your friends have been there with you through thick and thin, it’s always a good day to appreciate them.

Also, you can even spend it with your family. It’s easy to take your family for granted and it should always be a good idea to show them how much you care about them.

Not only on Valentine’s day but each and every day.


Pass the love forward:

On any special day, may it be Christmas or valentines day. It should be about giving, because giving love makes you feel genuinely fulfilled.

From 11th-17th of Feb is Random Acts of Kindness Week. It’s a great initiative to take to spread love.

You can even seek opportunities to volunteer and be with the less privileged. This will also make you realize how blessed you are and you’ll make it a wonderful day for someone who didn’t even expect it.

“Happiness doesn’t result from what we get, but from what we give.” Ben Carson


I hope these ideas made you excited for Valentines day, have a day filled with love and chocolates (yes, you can buy them for yourself).