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5 ways to easily upgrade you skincare routine for Summer

Summer is known to be the time to kick back and relax. Soak up the sun, mini-dresses and fruity cocktails.

Definitely make the most of Summer but don’t lay back on your skincare routine. You know, especially the sun being in full effect.

You want that sun-kissed skin while protecting it from aggravating air con and oil build-up. Here are easy and effective tips to adapt your skincare routine.


Protect with Sunscreen

It took me a while to come around to this one but I’ve finally got it down. Every time I watch a YouTube video with a celebrity or beauty blogger, and they’ll say they swear by sunscreen.

Let’s just do it. Make it a habit because you want to treat your skin the best you can and have it looking flawless in the later years.

If you’re not a fan of the way sunscreen feels or leaves a white tint. You should look into the new generation of sunscreen that are super-lightweight and offer solid protection.



Lighter moisturizer

Some think it’s fine to skip moisturizer with the humidity and heat but you still need it.

While your moisturizer might have made you proud in winter. It’s advisable to switch it out for a lighter moisturizer in the summer.


Something cooling that will provide good moisture.



Double cleanse

The trick is to get ready for bed before you’re exhausted and tired. I make sure I do my skincare routine earlier than my normal bedtime.

Because cleansing once is already a chore, so wanting to cleanse twice takes a little more effort. This is essential because of the sunscreen on your skin. You don’t want it to cause blocked pores.

(Check out my favorite oil cleanser by clicking on the picture above)

Also, double cleansing ensures all the dirt is off your face. To prevent being too harsh with your skin, you can first cleanse with oil and then a cream cleanser.



Summer time can cause a buildup of sunscreen, sweat, excess oil and make up which makes it appear dull. Exfoliation is key.

However, be aware of overdoing it. Exfoliate only twice a week so you can protect your natural skin barrier.

Exfoliations gets rid of the dead skin cells on the skins surface. Proper exfoliation removes the barrier of dead skin to expose the fresh new cells below. This also opens up the way for moisturizer to be deeply absorbed.

Adding this to your routine will make your skin look fresher and smoother. 


Use a wash-off self tanner:

One of my friends loves to be tan (I’m already tan so I don’t understand the obsession). However, if you’re one of the people who feel most beautiful when tan.

Get the summer glow by using a self-tanner as part of your summer care routine. And you won’t have to commit to tan or worry about it fading away with time.

You can apply a fresh tan every day and whenever you want to look extra bronzed.



So are you ready to enjoy summer at a full speed? And have flawless skin for all the beach and friends gatherings? With these tips you’re more than ready!